I need everyone’s support to bring justice to this harmless puppy that perished in the hands of this monster. Please support this campaign and share it widely to denounce this evil teenager.

The 18-year-old attacker goes on Facebook by the name of Crii San Alberto, he lives in the San Alberto neighborhood in the city of Isidro Casanova in Argentina.

This lowlife had nothing better to do on New Year’s day than to set traps for stray dogs, luring them with food; he and his friends would feed them fireworks instead, laughing and giggling as they went off and caused massive damage to this puppy, who had no idea what was in store of him.

The attacker did not miss the opportunity to snap a trophy photo and upload it online, bragging about what his achievement in the New Year.

The picture just makes me sick to my stomach. To my complete and utter shock, some of his friends actually liked his photo, encouraging him to continue getting rid of as many pesky dogs as possible.

When confronted by livid animal lovers, the perpetrator deleted the photo and shut down his Facebook account altoghether, showing the entire world he is nothing but an evil coward.

This loser must be brought to justice as soon as possible, because there is no telling what he will do next. He is a danger to the entire community and his awful actions cannot go unsanctioned.

Argentina does have animal welfare laws in place (law. no 14/136) and no one should be above them! We therefore urge the police to open an investigation into this matter and press charges against this ruthless teen before more animals die in the hands of this monster.

The attacker is just 18-year-old

The cowardly perpetrator later deleted his social media profile

The incident occurred in Isidro Casanova, near Buenos Aires, Argentina


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